Managed Service

Our expert and experienced team will design, implement, and operate your company's Cloud-based infrastructure so that your business runs more smoothly with fewer costs.

Consultation and Design

A thorough digital transformation requires a significant change in how you and your employees work. It is not wise to implement your Cloud operations without a proper plan; you may find huge costs down the road. Biznet Gio eliminates those kinds of risk by analyzing your goals and then designing efficient, optimal Cloud solutions tailored to your company's needs.

Operational Management

When your company has Cloud-based resources, there will be a lot of required work, including but not limited to tracking, monitoring, providing backups, and mitigating whenever the server is down due to any contingency. Biznet Gio proactively does those activities while offering you comprehensive advice to optimize your current available resources.

Hybrid Management

Working closely with our System Integrator partners who have had years of experience in Cloud-based infrastructure management, Biznet Gio offers a total solution to safely and efficiently integrate both on-premise and Cloud-based resources. Any digital migration or digital transformation that your company needs is no longer a hassle. It will be smooth sailing.

Security Management

Your data is sensitive and confidential so it needs protection. Biznet Gio understands how various cyber threats could intrude on your system, or even destroy it. Our services implement the highest standards of security as society and technology continue to evolve over time. You can easily access your data without worrying about its security.

Managed Support

Our technical team is always prepared to support your IT team, handling installation, data migration, and platform and system configurations.

General Installation

The perfect solution to designing and managing applications and open source websites compatible with your instance. Supported by the most secure security protocols which identify and protect all activities of IP address on the network system. Leave the whole installation process to us. You can simply focus on running your business with ease.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Our expert and experienced team handle maintenance and troubleshooting on your application and website, complete with observation, analysis, and solutions tailored to your needs. Supported by several Data Centers across Indonesia, we make sure everything performs optimally, reliably, with high scalability, and spared from the risks of timeout and downtime.

Monitoring Report

You will get a comprehensive report on usage and performance of any service you have chosen periodically. We make sure that all systems have stable SLA uptime, track the RAM and CPU usage on the server, and monitor data transfer in the network, IOPS performance, and storage capacity. Your website and application will always be stable, available, and reliable.

Cloud Interconnect​

Cloud Interconnect​

Enjoy the direct and private connection to Cloud hyperscaler (GCP, Azure, or AWS) featuring the fastest broadband and the safest network. The Cloud-to-Cloud or Cloud-to-on-Premise infrastructure is designed to support your business. With network covering more than a hundred cities in Indonesia, your network is guaranteed to be stable and adaptive with the least latency and costs.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our expert and experienced team design the most comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to equip your company with everything it needs to deal with any emergency situation.

Planning & Recovery Center

The multi-zone IT infrastructure reduces downtime risks caused by various contingencies like fire, natural disasters, and cyber attacks. A comprehensive insight starting from identification of interferences to mitigation process to periodical reports on resource usage. Several Data Centers in strategic locations make sure that data recovery is fast and safe.

Thorough backup system

A complete solution for operational backup, restore, migration, and secure data management to support various business platforms you are using. With a comprehensive and reliable system backup, your data is always protected and accessible whenever you need through any platform of your choice, whether it is a physical server or a virtual machine.

Co-location Service

Co-location Service

Supported by several Data Centers located in DKI Jakarta and West Java. Featuring more than 50,000 kilometers of Biznet Networks' fiber optics network, connectivity to 15+ ISPs, area of more than 4,000 square meters, 2N + N power, and certifications of Tier-3 design and facility, the co-location service accommodates your IT infrastructure needs at a lower cost.


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